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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Results Revealed!

Welcome to the results of The Fandom People Awards!

The Fandom People Awards is an experiment. 

We wanted the fandom to have a chance to say thank you and show love to the people who rarely get acknowledged. To do that, we have categories that cover the following areas: 

The Authors, The Readers, The Betas, 

The Fandom, The Specials, The Twi-Sites,

The Artists, The Banners & Blinkies, and The Fan Vids.

We wanted to change up the way awards tend to honor based on name recognition. That thought was a huge factor in determining how we are displaying the results. We designed this site to celebrate the people and sites of the Twific Fandom, not just the most recognizable of its members. 

We hope you'll take a look around at the various categories. You'll notice we used the nominations you sent in to distinguish the All Stars, Honorable Mentions, and general shout outs for each category. Voting categories also indicate who received the most votes.

Thank you to the talented artists who made it a team effort, each taking a category and creating the banners and buttons that adorn this site.

Also a HUGE shout out of thanks to ClaireS0904 and perrymaxed  who helped us get the results together. Just when we thought we were gonna explode and give up, these ladies revived and gave us a second wind.

With love from,

Kari, Althea, & Flanny

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